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A great illustration by Martin Gee showing the web of villains Spiderman will face in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”
We really like Daniel Fishel’s illustration of Zoe Barnes from the recent article of killing key characters for social media.
The cover of our April 15 issue featuring Tilda Swinton photographed by ioulex for Variety. You can read the full profile here:

We were very happy with these fun photos of Dr. Phil from photographer Chris McPherson for our story on the 200th episode of “Dr. Phil.”

Photographer Alexia Silvagni did a great job capturing just the right tone in these photos of Roman Polanski for our profile of the director. 

We love the work illustrator Brian Taylor has been doing for us. This illustration was a great compliment to an editorial on the endless coverage of Malaysia airlines flight 370 on the cable news.
A great illustration from Kagan McLeod for a story on lagging ratings for “American Idol”

Here are two images of Hollywood blacksmith Tony Swatton from Variety photo editor Dan Doperalski. Swatton made the weapons and armor for “300” “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Game of Thrones.”

Here was a really fun photo illustration from Josue Evilla for a story on WWE WrestleMania.
The opening spread of our feature on “Mad Men” showrunner and creator Matthew Weiner photographed for Variety by Jeff Riedel. You can read the full profile here: